Semester Schedule

The schedule will be flexible as we cover each topic. We might spend some extra time on topics, so we will update the schedule as we progress through the semester.

Mtg Date Topic Notes
    Intro, History, Display Formats, Design  
1 8/24/2021 Introduction. World Wide What? A history, why study PL for web?  
2 8/26/2021 A Brief History, Networks, and HTTP  
3 8/31/2021 What is the web software model?  
4 9/2/2021 What is important to consider when designing a website?  
5 9/7/2021 Design (II). Introduction to HTML. How did we get here? HW1 Out
6 9/9/2021 HTML Features, Designing HTML with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Sprint 1 Due (Proposal)
7 9/14/2021 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Responsive Design  
8 9/16/2021 Extending CSS: Frameworks (Bootstrap), Scripting (LESS, SCSS) Friday: HW1 Due, HW2 Out
9 9/21/2021 Frameworks and Languages: Bootstrap Example, LESS, Markdown  
    Server-side Processing  
10 9/23/2021 XML; Server-side processing, a history (CGI, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python)  
11 9/28/2021 Introduction to PHP HW2 Due, HW3 Out
12 9/30/2021 PHP arrays, handling forms, input validation, and Regular Expressions  
13 10/5/2021 Server-side data: Processing files (CSV, JSON) Sprint 2 Due (HTML/CSS)
14 10/7/2021 Server-side data: Processing files (XML), databases, APIs Friday: HW3 Due
- 10/12/2021 Fall Reading Days HW4 Out
15 10/14/2021 Databases continued, state in PHP with URL rewriting, cookies  
16 10/19/2021 Cookies, cont; Session handling in PHP with $_SESSION  
17 10/21/2021 Object-oriented PHP and Front Controller Design HW4 Due, HW5 Out
    Client-Side Processing  
18 10/26/2021 Client-side scripting: Introduction to Javascript Sprint 3 Due (Server)
19 10/28/2021 Javascript: arrays, functions, and objects  
20 11/2/2021 Javascript: DOM, events, and forms HW5 Due (Wed), HW6 Out
21 11/4/2021 JavaScript: DOM, events, local storage  
22 11/9/2021 AJAX asynchronous calls with PHP and JSON; JQuery  
    Client-side Frameworks  
23 11/11/2021 JQuery, TypeScript, frameworks (intro) HW6 Due, HW7 Out
24 11/16/2021 JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks: Angular Sprint 4 Due (Client JS)
25 11/18/2021 Angular: Forms, Data Binding  
26 11/23/2021 Angular: HttpClient and Services HW7 Due
- 11/25/2021 Thanksgiving  
27 11/30/2021 Project Presentations / Showcase (day 1) Sprint 5 Due (Review internal deadlines)
28 12/2/2021 Project Presentations / Showcase (day 2) Sprint 5 Code Submission due (Friday 12/3)
29 12/7/2021 What does the future of programming languages for the web look like? Sprint 5 Project Demos with TAs
  12/14/2021 2-5pm: Final Exam