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Final Deliverable

Coming Soon! We’ll be showcasing our projects on November 30, 2023, so expect to create a video other method to show off your project. We’ll also be reflecting on our partners and the development process.

Presentation/Ad Due: November 29, 2023 at 2pm

Peer Evaluation Due: November 30, 2023 at 11:59pm

Purpose: The goal of the project is help you practice the following skills, reinforce knowledge, and experience full-stack web development.

  • Apply software usability concepts to improve the quality of web application
  • Evaluate your web application for compliance with the requirements and the usability evaluation criteria
  • Work as a team, collaborate with your project partner(s) professionally and contribute fairly


For the final deliverable, you will ensure that your project meets the requirements from the beginning of the semester, create a presentation showcasing your site, and evaluate your group. You will also continue to ensure that your code is valid HTML5 (to ensure optimal compatibility) and that it meets Section 508 standards (to ensure accessibility of your site).

Finalize Project Deliverable

Verify that your final project deliverable satisfies the project requirements.

  • It must include dynamic behavior, where the front end responds to user input events or web service and updates the interface accordingly.
  • It must include at least 4 different functionalities (or scenarios), providing services to the users.
  • It must include logic that will execute both (i) client side in a web browser, and (2) backend componeent on a web server.
  • It must include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - refer to the client-side component descriptions, Sprints 2 and 4.
  • It must include a backend PHP component - refer to the server-side component description, Sprint 3.
  • It must support multiple users; i.e., maintain the application state - refer to the server-side component description, Sprint 3.
  • It must support multiple sessions allowing returning users to access their existing information; i.e., persist data using a database - refer to the server-side component description, Sprint 3.
  • The entire app must be a single unit. All parts and components must be properly connected. (I.e., the user should enter your app and use navigation to achieve their goals without the need to enter another URL in the browser’s address bar manually.)
  • It must be a responsive design project.

Project Presentation

Create a 90-second video advertising your project. You should showcase your site’s design, functionality, and usability. In this video, you should briefly introduce yourselves and your project. You may also consider:

  1. Provide any motivation for your project
  2. Show interaction with your app and the features it provides (i.e., show off your great and creative site!)
  3. Show responsive design mode and how your app looks on a mobile phone
  4. Discuss usability and design choices made, and why
  5. Say why your app should be voted for one of our prizes

Hint: Consider recording your video using Zoom.

Note: 90 seconds is the maximum length video allowed. We will feature these videos on our course site (if you want) and showcase them on our project demonstration day, November 30, 2023. Projects that have been entered for prizes will be shown first, then a random sampling of videos as time allows.

During the demonstration day, we will celebrate the progress made and the great projects you have created! You are strongly encouraged to attend class on demonstration day! We will be voting for some end of semester project awards, and may have a discussion about the projects afterwards. A portion of your final deliverable grade is participating and voting for projects.

Reflection and Peer Evaluation

This portion is an individual task.

  • Submit your reflection and peer evaluation: Evaluation Form
    • Due at 11:59pm on November 30, 2023
    • You are required to enter names and computingIDs of all team members
    • If you work on the project by yourself, indicate in the reflection and peer evaluation form that you work by yourself
  • The teaching team will consider the reflection and evaluation when assigning the final deliverable grade to an individual team member. Each team member’s grade may be adjusted based on their contribution.

End of Semester Project Awards

This semester, we have four categories of project awards:

  • Best Usable Project
  • Most Unique Project
  • Coolest Overall Project
  • Coolest Presentation/Ad

How to Enter

Everyone’s project will be considered for the “Coolest Overall Project” prize. However, you may enter your project for any of the other categories by indicating your choice in the submission form. It is highly encouraged to mention why your project should win the award in your 90-second advertisement.


Each of the awards includes a prize of 5 points extra credit on the Final Exam for all group members. Projects may only win one prize; that is, a project may not win “Coolest” and “Most Unique.”

Grading Rubric

Total: 80 points

Presentation: 40 points

  • 25 points: 90-second video advertisement providing overview of the project
  • 15 points: cheering on classmates and submitting a vote for end of semester project awards (you cannot vote for your own project)

Reflection and Peer Evaluation: 40 points

  • 40 points: peer evaluation and reflection (applied individually per team member)


Please follow the deadlines below when making your submission. Note that the video is due before your peer evaluation, so that we have time to share our presentation videos with the class.

Presentation / Ad

Presentation/Ad Due: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 2pm

Submit your project information and presentation video / advertisement using the following Google Form:

Peer Evaluation

Peer Evaluation Due: Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 11:59pm

Submit your reflection and peer evaluation using the following Google Form:

Additional Information

Project Presentation Videos, Final Deliverables, and the Reflection and Peer Evaluation will not be accepted late.

Note: Making your submission available to the course staff is your responsibility; if we cannot access your files and your site on the cs4640 server, then we have to assign a zero grade. Be sure to test access to your files before the due date.